Just been working on stuff

2013-05-12 11:00:25 by ErrorCell

As usual tons of work ahead for getting some more stuff. I have quite a repository of music that's never been published part because of whatever legal thingy.

Either way if anybody has commissions for something short leave me a message!


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2013-05-14 05:51:49

Would be so easy if everything was CC.

(Updated ) ErrorCell responds:

Yeah, but even if stuff's licensed under CC, it doesn't necessary affect what NDA I sign or agree to. I basically can't release works if the NDA is in place since the NDA is separate from what creative commons says. BUT if there's no NDA or anything formal, I would go right ahead. :)


2013-05-14 09:15:14

Aha, so it's those that are in the way. If all agreed to never disclose disclosed agreements it would be much easier.