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The Glitch (Preview) The Glitch (Preview)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

So a bit of both good and bad here. You got the structure of the song fine and the melody's coming along fine as well. But there are a couple lingering issues that you'll need to carefully listen and solve.

The first thing I noticed is the fluttery volume of the overall track. It flies up and down like an artifact rather than having a smooth, even quality. Now, I don't know about how you constructed your track or what you used so most of this is speculation. But it either comes from over-killing the compressor or the whole track is "too loud" to begin with. A very simple tip: lower the volume for every channel, then raise it to the desired loudness when mastering. Give yourself leg room to control your volumes, control the sound, so later you can hear the details as the audience wants to hear!

Next, some of the sounds have a very wide stereo effect. I guess this is cool, but should be used in a way that doesn't "stick out" of the whole mix. In fact, it should be less of an effect, more of a tool to drag out some of the details of the sound and also enhance the overall feeling of the sound later. The issue right now is pretty simple: the sound is so wide it's being a "in your face" effect. It's so "in your face" that it kinda rubs the whole interesting factor out, where it feels like the sound is "trying too hard to stand out of the whole crowd".

When it comes to stereo fields, structuring it becomes a key in developing a nicer sound. If you want stuff the sound super wide, do it, but structure the song with the idea. In other words, you should try to orchestrate your synths, samples, drum loops (and whatever else you used) in some what that allows the whole piece to flow. Example: take a look at how the orchestra structures themselves. They have specific positions where the violins, cellos, flutes, tubas, french horns... etc go. While I'm not saying be like an orchestra, consider the fact that the placement of sound in a stereo field is an important factor and not just an effect. It can give certain feelings. It can irk audiences or make them go "wow."

Overall, it's only a start. I understand that was a lot of critique and suggestion but I hope this helps you along the way making stuff sound incredible. In my 6 or 7 years of making music professionally, I'm also kinda still learning how to get the right sound as well. It's not simple. ;) I wish you luck. Continue polishing that sound. You'll be on your way making great stuff.

etK responds:

thank you VERY much, whatever you liked the song or not, it's that kind of review that I really like and that helps me to go on. Again, thanks, dude, and peace <3

Andain - Bt (radio Mix) Andain - Bt (radio Mix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love your stuff. Love the quality of sound.

Cahzmana responds:

quality above quantity!

how do you feel? how do you feel?

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great stuff :)

jambrother2 responds:

thanks man :)