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I'm slow with responses here.

2017-05-07 04:35:06 by ErrorCell

Hey folks, I'm extremely extremely slow with responses on various social media website. If you have anything you need attention for send me an email: skybase [at] gmail [dot] com ! You'll more likely find responses there than here.


2016-10-05 09:59:25 by ErrorCell

So for the last 2 years I've been working on SideTrip, and recently... SideTrip got picked up by a publisher and its now part of a book titled Game Graphics Bible 2017. It's in Japanese (I'm Japanese) but the book is technically available. The link below is in Japanese, sorry.

Since it's a bit difficult to get this book anyway if you're living in the US/anywhere else especially, I'll snap some picts of the pages I'm involved in as an example. I can't snap other parts given it'd hit some copyright issues.

2336614_147567488521_IMG_4923_11.jpg 2336614_147567498293_IMG_4899_22.jpg


This is a pretty big deal... honeslty I didn't even think I'd get my work thrown into a book like this. The book also features some tripple A game titles like Halo 5 Guardians, Tekken, Monster Hunter Cross, so I'm surprised how they even picked up an individual artist like myself working on my spare time on a childhood dream I've had. It's so cool seeing your own work shelved between other big-name title art books in a typical bookstore here in Japan.

As for SideTrip, of course, it'll continue just as usual. And I really couldn't do SideTrip without the support from a bunch of you who've left comments, slapped me with critique, and even made new stuff out of it. Without your conversation, your chatter, your love and hate I wouldn't have been able to continue on a massive quest to develop something of this magnitude and quality.  SideTrip is now entering its 2nd year of its run, and while I'm a slow-poke producing 1 picture a month, I hope you guys can stick around to see it all the way to the end. 

Thanks so much NewGrounds.

This is just another hyperlapse recording of what I did on Undertale shots: Chara Vs Mettaton NEO which was recently uploaded to NewGrounds! Got watch:

Video will show you a some of the process that happened. Although not the whole thing.


Hey there. This is just a recording of my part in the Zootopia short film recently uploaded to Newgrounds.

I'm mainly responsible for the box art for the food, general visual effects (particle stuff for the ending), and some minor color enhancements as well as textural enhancements to the overall look.


2016-02-22 21:28:20 by ErrorCell

So for anybody who's been following me up on stuff, I'm actaully working very very slowly on SideTrip at this point. Instead of cranking out scenes I'm going to actually see what happens when I spend more and more time on it.

The scenery is done entirely in 3D, which is where I'm putting all my focus into. My modeling skills aren't super polished and I just wanted to do something more interesting and visually detailed for the next image. And I'll just continue with that. 

I also do want to note that it's a bit tough right now, given so much other work piling up. I'll have to do stuff this weekend... and the next and so on. Not sure when I'll ever get to putting the next image up, but whenever that will be, stay safe. Keep traveling.

Making of NCH's Omega Flowey

2016-01-10 06:58:01 by ErrorCell

Here's some fun compositing reel I put together on just the effects side. NCH did much of the animation. I did the opening motion graphics (you see me compiling the character in Photoshop), and the Newgrounds/Youtube suggestion screens.


Hey there, I compiled a portion of my SideTrip paintings into 1 gallery over on Behance. You can check it out here:

Overall, I'm coming down to earth with more and more stuff. I got lots of ideas for 2016 and I hope I can accomplish all of them. (although no promises) lol.

Some model bashing!

2015-12-10 11:42:34 by ErrorCell

This is kinda rough but I'm just bashing some models for my next SideTrip picture!


Music Video: Traxell - Purpose

2015-10-09 08:30:47 by ErrorCell

So I made a mini music video for fun. It's been a couple months in the making ... just on my spare time. Enjoy!


Painting in 360 Tech Demo

2015-07-20 06:47:21 by ErrorCell

Description copy-pasta from the video:


This is the interactive full 360 version of the painting by Meghan  based on a template I created.

I asked Meghan Boehman, a good friend of mine to test out a simple, yet hyper effective method for painting a full 360x180 scene for virtual reality or just reflection mapping in general.

I unfortunately cannot share details due to the method being a work in progress. It does come with its own issues of course that need to be solved. 

Super ton of thanks to Meghan who took the time to really do this. Visit her at: